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Video Call with Sign Language
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The Secret to Finding Your Purpose

I first helped people find their true calling by accident. While teaching self-actualization and creativity workshops, my clients started rediscovering amazing superpowers they'd suppressed since childhood. They not only became more creative but went on to find purposeful careers and passion projects using their newfound gifts. The podcast closes by providing hints for finding your own hidden superpowers. (Pssst! That's the secret to finding your true calling.) Play Episode.

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Overcoming Fear and Perfectionism

If you're like most people, you haven't followed your calling because your inner critic scares the bejesus out of you. K-CRAP, the radio station that plays 24/7 in your head, tells you you're not good enough to reach your dreams and keeps you stuck in a meaningless life. You may have grown so used to it that you don’t hear it anymore, but it’s holding you back big time. This podcast shows you how to gently bypass KCRP, tune into your soul's guidance, and gather delicious clues for becoming the person you were born to be. Play Episode.

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A 91 Year Old's Advice for a Happy Life

June Smith is a professional writer and incredible dancer who is still going strong at age 91. She lives in a condo with an ocean view near Santa Cruz, California, and is a powerful manifester. This podcast discusses how June discovered her writing and dancing superpowers and created a richly rewarding life. She also divulges her secret to success by doing what she loves and following "the nudge." The podcast includes hints for how you can find your superpowers and purpose, too. Play Episode.

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How the Wrong Job Can Lead to Your Right Career

Buck O'Kelly meandered through a few jobs before finding his true vocation as a custom furniture builder and co-owner of Inventia Design in Portland, Oregon. He and I talk about how our first jobs can help us find our true calling when we take note of the skills and values that make us come alive. We also discuss the importance of play and how Buck found success in the furniture-making business by carving out his own niche. We end with a spirited discussion of what it's like to get into a flow state and why it's the most direct way to discover our unique gifts. ⁠⁠Play Episode

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You are Born with Superpowers

You came into the world with a unique set of strengths to answer your calling. But you may have overlooked them because they came so naturally to you. Your superpowers don’t need to be ultra-amazing such as flying or shapeshifting to be significant. Your greatness comes from the particular combination of passions and abilities that make you YOU. In today's episode, I talk to ⁠Dana Hazell⁠ — one of the best massage therapists I've ever had — about how she rediscovered her innate talent for doing massage. She describes how she combined this gift with her sports background and scientific interest in the human body to follow her true calling, and how you can bring it all together to find your purpose, too. Play Episode.

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The Power of Seeing Your Own Greatness

Diane Dreher, Ph.D., is the best-selling author of "Tao of Inner Peace" and four other books. She is an award-winning university professor and positive psychology researcher whose work on hope has been recognized internationally. In this podcast, we discuss how Diane found her true calling and helps clients discover their own gifts and purpose. She shares how being seen by just one person empowers us to recognize our own personal greatness. Diane also talks about using the free ⁠VIA character survey⁠ to discover our unique strengths and listening to our intuition to find our true path in the world. Play Episode.

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Bust Limiting Beliefs and Boost Confidence

Line Hilton⁠ is a UK-based jazz singer, clinical hypnotherapist, and resilience coach. She blew me away with how quickly she helped singers improve their performances at an educational songwriters meeting and I immediately booked her for my podcast. Line gives up powerful tools to blast through self-limiting beliefs, such as "I'm not good enough" and "I'm invisible," and build self-confidence so that we can succeed in life as our true selves. She also describes helping clients reach their goals by developing a ⁠⁠growth mindset⁠, and what it's like to pursue a range of interests and careers as a "multipotentialite⁠" rather than follow a single North Star. Play Episode.

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Find Your Purpose Through Role Models and Taking Risks

Meet Emma Hirsch, a 23-year-old novelist and supervisor at ⁠⁠Youthline⁠⁠⁠, a crisis support center for teenagers. Recently accepted into the graduate program at the University of Oregon to become a therapist, Emma shares with us how she merges her writing and psychology superpowers in her new novel and work. She's a true inspiration to us all, showing us the importance of discovering and combining our own unique talents and passions to succeed in life. Emma and I also talk about how to embrace new experiences, release attachment to outcomes, and seek out role models to discover our true calling. Play Episode.

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The Power of Authenticity and Kindness

Rudy Zambrano is a fantastic ⁠⁠⁠hairstylist⁠⁠⁠ and an incredibly kind person. I met him after I got lost on the way to my first gig in Portland during the Rose Parade. Hundreds of people passed by before Rudy came out of nowhere to help. We talk about how Rudy struggled as a gay Latino man to be his true self and follow his calling. The #1 regret of the dying is that they wish they'd dared to live their purpose, not the life others expected of them. Learn how Rudy persevered and you can, too. Rudy and I also discuss how most of us (except the ⁠⁠⁠dark triad personality⁠⁠⁠) can develop our kindness superpower and the surprising ⁠⁠⁠health benefits⁠⁠⁠ of being kind to ourselves and others. Play Episode.

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Indiginous Wisdom for Living a Balanced Life

I am deeply inspired by Buffalo Child, a Plains Cree Native American who generously shares his wisdom and culture to help us experience the sacred every day. We talk about the importance of slowing down, living in balance, and removing false labels put on us by others so that we can shine as our true selves. Renowned psychiatrist Carl Jung's concept of the golden shadow leads me to believe that our buried superpowers are nuggets of gold that can light the way to our purpose. We also discuss how Buffalo was called to lead a powerful Summer Solstice ceremony at Serpent Mount and how we often find our calling by being true to ourselves in the moment. Play Episode.

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The Power of Purpose and Prayer

Reverend Dr. Sunshine Michelle Coleman is an inspiring Senior Minister at the Oakland Center for Spiritual Living in CA. She shares her life experiences, tools, and concepts for living a greater life and authentic self-expression. Sunshine Michelle has a doctorate in Transformative Studies from the California Institute of Integral Studies. We talk about how she left a career as a model to go into Human Resources while studying spirituality on the side and eventually combined her superpowers to answer her higher calling to be a minister. Play Episode.

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What Makes You Come Alive?

Maria Williquette is an extraordinary ⁠psychotherapist⁠ and ⁠yoga instructor⁠ ⁠who heals us on the mat with her words. Her classes and retreats are always packed with adoring students, and I'm happy to be one of them. Maria's secret to success comes from combining her therapy and yoga superpowers in her dual careers. She also stays present with her clients and comes from the heart in everything she does. We talk about how to find your calling by giving yourself the space to notice what makes you come alive. We also discuss ways you can merge your unique gifts and why being kicked off the path you thought you should be on can help you find your true purpose. Play Episode.

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It's Never Too Late to Answer Your Calling

Hannah Onstad is a powerhouse businesswoman who answered her calling to write fiction after climbing the corporate ladder in the publishing world. She's also one of the first and brightest students I taught as a psychology professor. We talk about what inspired her to go to graduate school two years ago and get a MFA in Creative Writing even though she's had a passion for writing since she was a young girl. Hannah has already published impressive book reviews and is working on a novel while running a consulting company. We discuss what stops us from pursuing our dreams, how to reclaim them, and the pros and cons of pursuing our purpose later in life. Play Episode.

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